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Corporate Governance - Director & Officer Ownership

Corporate Governance - Director & Officer Ownership

The table below displays the number of non-derivative securities directly held by officers, directors and 10% shareholders as reflected in their most recent Section 16 filings.

Name Relationship/Title Total Held
ABRAHAMS DARROW A SVP, GC & Corporate Secretary 61,932
Alan Murray J. Director 48,056
AUJOUANNET ARNAUD SVP & Chief Sales & Marketing 41,296
Chapin Samuel R. Director 20,259
Currarino Moyano Giancarlo SVP, Chief Tech Operations Off 76,972
Hardie Gordon Director 51,456
Haudrich John SVP & Chief Financial Officer 187,824
HELLMAN PETER S Director 81,494
Humphrey John Director 33,755
KELLY ANASTASI D Director 84,107
Lopez Andres Alberto President & CEO 965,434
NAIR HARI N Director 52,880
RUPP JOSEPH D Director 37,269
Slater Catherine I Director 20,259
Torno Vitaliano President, Bus Ops & OI Europe 133,570
WALKER JOHN H Director 37,459
Williams Carol A Director 61,466

* Represents ownership of less than 1% of total shares outstanding.

Data provided by Kaleidoscope.