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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

O-I has implemented corporate governance policies designed to strengthen accountability in the Board of Directors and management teams, thereby enhancing long-term investor value. O-I is respected, nationally and internationally, for the manner in which it has conducted business over the years. Underlying this reputation are the company's high standards of honesty, integrity and ethics. These standards are important business and societal assets O-I is determined to maintain.

Corporate Governance Guidelines

We believe that governance is an important component of a company's overall performance. As such, the O-I Board of Directors has put in place corporate governance guidelines, which outline the roles and responsibilities of the Board.

Click here for O-I’s Corporate Governance Guidelines.

Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

O-I Glass, Inc. periodically updates its Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (the "Code of Conduct") which applies to all directors, officers and employees of O-I and its subsidiaries, affiliates and joint ventures in which O-I has management control. On July 10, 2019, O-I's Board of Directors approved certain amendments to the Code of Conduct, including:

  • a revised letter to employees from Chief Executive Officer Andres Lopez;
  • additions to further encourage employees to report possible violations and note that the Helpline does not use caller identification;
  • updates to the legally protected categories relating to discrimination and harassment;
  • a statement that any breach of personal data confidentiality must be reported internally as soon as possible;
  • updates to reflect new Supplier Guiding Principles, a new Global Trade Controls Policy and a revised Social Media Policy; and
  • revisions to emphasize the proper use of IT resources and the importance of information security measures.

See the list of O-I Board of Directors and Executive Officers. For the O-I's Committee Composition, click here.

Supplier Guiding Principles

O-I has adopted its Supplier Guiding Principles which reinforce O-I’s expectations that its suppliers will conduct their business in compliance with applicable laws and in accordance with high ethical standards.

Click here for O-I’s Supplier Guiding Principles.